Centuries ago the Americas were full of people who had 
utilizing trade routes extending thousands of miles. These cultures were ruled by social structure, religion, and environmental conditions.  The eastern people of the United States were known as the Mound Builders building earthen mounds reaching toward the heavens.  These earthen mound complexes are strewn across the eastern US.

Ka-Do-Ha Indian Village is an archeological experience that the whole family will enjoy.  The activities in the ancient Indian plaza often yield crystals and arrowheads.  The exhibits within the museum are prime examples of the evidence left behind by this prehistoric culture. You will see pottery jars and water bottles, pipes, stone tools and projectile points left behind by the people who occupied this site for over one thousand years.

Visiting Ka-Do-Ha is not complete without shopping at the Historic Indian Trading Post.  This experience brings out the kid in everyone, strolling through the aisles of moccasins, spears, and drums.  Historic and prehistoric Indian crafts can be purchase in the trading post as well.

kadoha indian village

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