Ka-Do-Ha Indian Village is a wonderful family experience with fun for all ages. This is as much educational as entertaining leaving the visitors wondering of the world that flourished in the United States centuries ago. Boasting one of the nicest Indian trading posts east of New Mexico, and perhaps the only trading post found in the southeastern part of the United States. Visitors dwell for hours looking at objects that can only be described as crafted originals. This yields that shopping experience that can fulfill the Christmas list of the most discriminating of shoppers and the kids can pick up a headdress for their next show and tell, making their summer adventure one of awe for the class! The exhibit has been remodeled this year and now is a great time to visit taking advantage of the excitement. There have been a lot of finds, arrowheads and crystals, in the plowed field and the experts tell us the morning sun plays favorable to finding the treasures. There are several one hundred year old oak trees to lounge around to enjoy what we call an Arkansas breeze.

     Throughout the summer, starting the Memorial Day weekend there will be evening music every Friday and Saturday night featuring artists both local and afar bringing with them their own brand of music to the village. Prices are extremely reasonable and for most of the acts a ticket into the Ka-Do-Ha Indian Village will give you a free pass to the concert. Our hours are extended for the summer and we will be open from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. starting the 15th, day of May thru Labor Day.  Do not pass this summer pleasure behind; bring with you that special someone and enjoy the evening!

     The Ka-Do-Ha Diamond Adventure is designed to light up the faces of old and young alike fulfilling everyone’s dream while visiting Murfreesboro; everyone finds a diamond! While visiting the trading post just pick out a bucket with prices ranging from very affordable to what we call the wedding bucket, yielding a diamond large enough to “hold a wedding”.  Be sure and ask the friendly faces behind the counter how to encounter savings, using a coupon, reducing the bucket by ten dollars. The time spent at the sluice is much like that fishing; this time will not be counted in your lifespan. People hollering “Look at this”, and the kids telling one another about their finds of semiprecious gemstones and shark’s teeth!

     A stay in Murfreesboro is not complete without a visit and a photograph in front of the “World’s Largest Diamond” which is much too large to place on our scale but the best guestimates reach numbers of over one hundred thousand carets! Bring your camera and take advantage of this free opportunity; it will be a photo your family will speak of for years!  Some of our visitors say sunshades will help. We have had no documentation of permanent eye damage but we do not advise starring straight into the diamond and we are not responsible for the ladies’ cases of increased diamond lust!  

For more information please call 1-870-285-4165.


kadoha indian village

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